Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The W O R S T month ever.

As I type this sentence, I'm currently laying here in a hospital bed for the 3rd time this month. Is this really happening? I'm literally having the worst month ever. I've spent more time at The Royal Free hospital rather than I have at home! 

• August 25th - Admitted
• September 6th - Discharged
• September 11th - Admitted 
• September 18th - Discharged 
• September 23rd - ADMITTED AGAIN

What was meant to have been a simple hospital appointment on Monday 23rd September 2013 turned into yet another admission. I've never felt so unlucky in my life. Spending my fourth week in hospital, going insane and not even recognising myself anymore, it's the worst thing ever. My body has swelled up so badly and I have currently put on 4 STONE in the space of 2 WEEKS Doctors say its severe fluid retention which I didn't even know was possible! This rapid weight gain has left me sore and struggling to even walk let alone move. And not to mention, my skin has stretched so much that I've been left with an awful load of stretch marks that itch like crazy! (A girls worst nightmare!)

Weight Diary

August 26th - 63kg
• September 14th - 73.1kg
• September 23rd - 84kg
• September 26th - 83.2kg 
• September 27th - 81.2kg 

I guess I'll never know why this is happening to me but God really is testing me. 

Thank you Lupus for ruining my life, invading my body and stealing my vision of myself. 


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