Monday, 30 September 2013

O C T O B E R D A I L Y: A B L O G G I N G C H A L L E N G E

I'm such a procrastinator. A serial procrastinator. But I solemnly swear to not neglect this blog, not now, not ever! So to help me get back into the whole blogging thingy majiggy..I've decided to take part in The October Daily: Blogging Challenge. Thanks to the lovely Mary @ Secret Obsession I'll finally be blogging daily and making use of all the time I have in my ever so boring life. (Ha!) I've never taken part in a blogging challenge before but it seems like fun so I thought I'd give it a go.
Here's the interesting topics Mary @ Secret Obsession came up with:
1. Share at least five reasons why you blog.
2. Get a certain or favorite lyric/s from your favorite song, and tell us how it inspires or describes you. 
3. Share a high school memory that you will never forget.
4. Share your experience during your first few weeks/months in blogging.
5. Complete the sentence: If I had a _________, I would __________. You can make as many sentences as you'd like.
6. Dig out a childhood photo and share something you remember happening during that time the photo was taken. You can post as many photos and describe as many events if you like.
7. Go without something (e.g. phone, twitter) for a day and tell us what it feels like.
8. Share a blogging/photography tip or tutorial.
9. What are 5 songs that elevate your mood?
10. Pick 3 random blogs from the link-up below, describe their blog, and tell us what you think about it! Share a snippet/screen capture of their blog too!
11. What are the things you love to do during rainy days? List them down!
12. Your day in photos.
13. Comment on this: If you cannot find a way out, look up.
14. What are your Top 5 favorite posts in your blog? Don't forget to share a link so we can check it out!
15. Post you favorite word and describe it in photos.
16. What are your goals and dreams for the future? You can share to us your dream house, dream workplace, or even your bucketlist before you turn 25!
17. Time for Throwback Thursday! Raid your archives and re-post something you want us to read!
18. Name at least 3 scents that trigger a good or bad memory.
19. Write about something you believe in. It can be anything at all!
20. Show us what's in your bag!
21. Guest posting! Write 5 questions, ask someone from the link up below to answer it for you, and post their answers on your blog! To make sure everyone is invited to guest post, ask the blogger whether he/she's invited for a guest post already. If not, then you can ask another blogger. If you've been asked to guest post more than once, do all of them! :) 
22. Post a review about a book, lipstick or anything you like! Rate it in a scale of 1 to 5.
23. If you could hang out with a celebrity for a day, who would that celebrity be? Why did you choose to hang out with him/her? What would you do or where would you spend that day?
24. Write a letter to someone whom you judged by first impression. It can be a serious or a humorous one! :)
25. Tell us a bit about the place where you grew up. Don't forget to include a couple of photos!
26. Enumerate the ways that a guy can win your heart.
27. Imagine you are only seventeen right now, and your big 18th birthday bash is happening next month. How are you going to plan for it? Like: What would the theme be? How many people are invited? Will it happen at the beach? Be creative! It's your birthday after all. Don't forget the photos! :)
28. Outfit post! Show us your favorite or your usual get-up!
29. How would you define 'Happiness'? 
30. Share a generous act that you did to a complete stranger. (e.g. helping an old lady with her luggage and getting asked to join her for a snack!)
31. Who are the people you miss? What are the things that you miss doing together?
If you wanna take part in The October Daily: Blogging Challenge then link up your blog here :-) 

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