Monday, 23 September 2013

I hate you Prednisolone.

So I've never been the slimmest girl in the world but this summer I was finally content with my weight. A healthy size 10, slim thighs, trim stomach. I'd look at my reflection and think "Leah, is that really you?

I look at myself today and I don't even recognise myself. Thank you prednisolone for ruining my confidence, my shape, my beauty and my life. I went from being 63 kg (9.9 stone) in August to an awful 75kg (11.8 stone). In the space of 2 bloody weeks! 

Was it fat? Surely not, is it even possible for someone to put on that much weight within a short amount of time? Plus, I was eating less than usual considering prednisolone is meant to increase your appetite. The doctors reassured me that it was water weight, which gave me a glimmer of hope that I'll return to my slim self in due time. But how can one gain 2 stone in water weight? I hate you fluid retention. 

I've had SIX Methyl-prednisolone infusions and on top of that I'm currently taking 60 mg pred a day. As the weeks pass, the dose will be lowered which will hopefully make me lose the water weight.

So yes, prednisolone may be one of the most effective steroid drugs BUT the side effects are just dreadful. Weight gain is just one of many that I have to put up with. I'm experiencing the "moon face", the blurred vision (despite already being blind as a bat), the hair loss, the anxiety, the depression and I'm even having trouble thinking! 

It's funny how your life can change within a split second. But what can I do than to accept the change. I guess it's time to embrace the fatness! 


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