I always seem to struggle when it comes to this whole writing about yourself malarkey. My mind just goes completely blank and maybe it's because I'm still trying to find myself! 

But I'll go ahead and introduce myself anyway. My names Leah and welcome to my world. I'm a 23-year-old Londoner, a Magazine Journalism Graduate currently working in H&M until a wonderful opportunity comes my way! (Being a part of the Radio 1xtra team..ohhh yeah!) Erm..I love fashion. I love music and I just can't live without the two. So expect to see a whole heap of playlists, wishlists and gibberish.

I've always wanted to be a blogger but it's just finding the time to do it. I'm the type to get bored easily and eventually I procrastinate. I procrastinate an awful lot. I know it's bad but hey. I'm currently sitting here making this blog for the umpteenth time whilst telling myself "i...must...not...neglect this blog like I did with the others!"

I don't wanna bore you guys with my life story so I'll keep it plain & simple.

Inspired by fashion. Addicted to the sound of music. Company Magazine's biggest fan. Lupus fighter. Jelly lover. Over thinker. Very analytical. Festivals and museums are my kind of thing. Herbal tea gives me life. Random. Misunderstood. Perfectionist.


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