Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

I haven't been shopping since August because I've been in and out of hospital (now that is a world record for me!) so I think I deserve a nice long shopping trip, it's way overdue! Now that winter is soon approaching I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe to keep me nice and warm, I've been lusting after so many items but I somehow managed to whittle it down to 6 items I need in my life right now.

C A R D I G A N. (H&M - £39.99) Well hello cardigan, oh don't you look soooo warm. This long cardi will be the perfect staple for my winter wardrobe. The shaggy wool blend makes it look so snuggly, it's bound to keep me warm on the cold nights! 

N E C K L A C E. (Primark) I've always had a thing for Primark jewellery, sometimes I love, sometimes I hate it. But they have got it oh so right with this one! It's a part of their new collection for AW13, now I'm not quite sure on the price but I'll still purchase it whatever it is.

D R E S S. (Topshop -  £38) Right now I'm absolutely loving bottle green coloured clothing, I go through colour phases; first it was burgundy, then speckled grey, thennnn beige and now green! Unfortunately this beauty of a dress is out of stock online at the moment (boohoo!) so I'll have to just hope my local has it in store. Can't wait to wear this with a lovely pair of brown chelsea boots!

B O O T S. (H&M - £29.99) I always have trouble shopping for boots because I'm so indecisive, I'm sure I've been looking for the perfect boots since the beginning of the year!..BUT I think I've finally found them! I've never been fond of H&M shoes but I absolutely adore these burgundy boots (they come in black too!)

B A G. (H&M - £29.99) My whole wardrobe is practically H&M thanks to being employed by them! This bag is one of the popular pieces at my store and I think I'm gonna have to jump on the bandwagon and buy one myself! I'm not really a bag-kind-of-girl, I often stick to plain, simple, boring black bags but the moment I set eyes on this bag I knew I wanted it! I love the colour, I love the style and I just love the gold coloured detail!

S H I R T. (Primark - £12) So, remember when I said I'm so indecisive? Well, I previously bought this shirt...then returned it...and now I want it back! I don't even why I returned it to be quite honest, but I do remember it was rather oversized despite me buying it in a size 8! Fingers crossed my local still has it, knowing my luck they probably won't :-(

What's on your wishlist?


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