Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Day 1: The October Daily

October is finally here! (which means only 2 months til Christmas..ahhhh)...and it's time to begin the October Daily Blogging Challenge. I've been looking forward to this ever since I joined the link up so here it goes. 

Today's topic/prompt is share at least 5 reasons why you blog

1. To improve my writing. I've always been into writing but being the serial procrastinator that I am I keep stopping and starting. I'm ashamed to say that as a Magazine Journalism Graduate I did not have a blog when I was studying for my degree (tut tut). I did start a fashion and music blog at the beginning of my final year but I got so caught up with my special project that I just didn't have enough time to concentrate on the whole blogging malarky. Halfway through university I got more into designing and print production of magazines and eventually got tired of writing...BUT now this blog is to help me get back into the writer that I used to be!

2. To meet new people. I enjoy meeting others with the same interests as me. Hardly any of my friends have the same fashion and music taste as me (strange i know!) so I'm just using this blog as a way of socialising and meeting like minded individuals.

3. To express myself. I'd like to say that I have a very over active mind. This blog is a way to express myself by putting my thoughts and feelings into written words. I see it as a online journal that I'm sharing with the world with the hope that somebody out there enjoys reading what I write :-)

4. To market myself. I've come across so many bloggers who have been offered so many opportunities because of their blog! Now that I've got my degree in Magazine Journalism I would love to go ahead and work in the magazine industry..but it's not that easy! I'm hoping this blog will promote my creativity and who knows what could happen. P.S...I would love to eventually be Company Magazines blogger of the week! 

5. Gives me something to do. I'm the type to get bored easily and I have to constantly occupy myself. Blogging is my hobby! I have so much spare time now that I've finally finished education and even though I'm currently working part time, blogging gives me something to look forward to when I get home.


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  1. I'm with you at No. 5! Our classes start next semester (November) so I have plenty of time for blogging and for this challenge right now! Thank God for the blogosphere! :)) Looking forward to read more from you! <3